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ACC Quarterback Challenge

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Welcome to the first ever quarterback passing app for college sports! Choose your favorite ACC school and compete as their star quarterback in a variety of thrilling and challenging game modes.

Challenge friends and foes to real-time online competitions. Take on rivals or play against random opponents, either way; it’s all about winning your match up.

Play your favorite team’s 2015 ACC Football schedule with the ultimate goal of getting to the ACC Championship. Quarterback your team into hostile environments and in front of your home crowd as you take on the rest of the conference in an eight game season.

Represent your favorite team as fan bases square off each week in a virtual challenge throughout the 2015 ACC football season. Rack up wins for your school against your weekly conference rival, the school with the most wins each week claims bragging rights.

Fine tune your passing skills back on the farm as you try to hit a variety of moving targets in order to rack up bonuses and power ups for use on the field. Practice formats include both Survival and Rapid Fire modes.

ACC Quarterback Challenge is developed in partnership with Raycom Sports, syndicated broadcast and digital rights holder of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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Frozen Frenzy

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Can you avoid the cars, trucks, buses and Sumo Wrestlers?!?! Drive your ice cream truck through a constant array of obstacles as you continue your Frozen Frenzy through the city.

  • Simple to play, difficult to master
  • Three difficulty speeds
  • Retro art style
  • No intrusive banner ads
  • Addictive ice cream truck soundtrack
  • Social Leaderboards

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Ultimate Cornhole 3D

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From the creators of the top-rated iOS cornhole game, Tailgate Cornhole, comes the next generation in digital cornhole: Ultimate Cornhole 3D! Complete with custom board themes and custom bag colors. Download today and get your cornhole on, for free!

  •  Realistic 3D Environment
  •  Realistic Physics
  •  Custom themed boards
  •  Custom bag colors


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Michelin Aircraft Tire

Client Apps · Utility

The Michelin Aircraft Tire App is a comprehensive mobile application for aircraft mechanics, private pilots, airlines, military operators and others who have an interest in aircraft tires.

• Michelin Care and Service Guide
• Fitment Guide
• Tire Wear Guide
• Product Information
• Dealer Locator
• About Michelin

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Beaver Run Endless Runner

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Run Beaver Run! Keep the Beaver Safe from the hunter.

ZIG, ZAG, DASH, JUMP, and SLIDE your way through the forest to keep Stanley safe from the hunter. How long can you keep Stanley running. Collect diamonds the hunter lost while racing through the forest. Run faster and avoid the traps and fallen trees the hunter has setup to catch you. You can never stop during your infinite battle to escape capture.
-Swipe Controls
-Jump and Slide through the forest!
-Collect Gems
-Power Ups: Magnetism, Ghost Beaver(Run through obstacles)

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Cellular Rescue Germ Warfare

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Challenge yourself in this free game to fight for a healthy cellular structure are you fast enough to battle the spread of infected cells. Tap your way to success and glory in this music based thriller. Accuracy is imperative, destroy to many healthy cells and you will find yourself on the loosing end of the battle. Heart Pumping, exciting, action filled game play. Forget the Flappy Birds and attack those horrible infected cells and rescue the healthy ones.

How To Play:
Tap the cells to destroy
– Infected Cells (Green) are your enemy, their sole purpose is to destroy your healthy cells.
– The Helper Cells (Blue) are your soldiers, they will attack the infected but are also able to heal a dying healthy cell. Be careful though The Infected can convert your soldiers.
– Healthy Cells (Red) protect them at all costs. They are what keep you alive. They are attacked by the Infected and can be healed by the helper cells.

It is an endless battle for your health, are you strong enough?

The Cells react to the beat and frequency of the music to create one of the musically interactive games available.

Do you have what it takes to be number one?

Three power ups are available to help you in your battle for your health.

– Destroy All Infected Cells
– Change half infected Cells to healthy
– Spawn Helper Cells

Invite and Challenge your friends and see how you stack up with our Social Leader boards.

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Tailgate Cornhole

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Tailgate Cornhole is the first cornhole game for iOS that is made with Sports Fans in mind! The toss system has been designed from the ground up to make it the most fun and easy to control cornhole game on iOS. Other cornhole apps use flicking motions or physically swinging your device, Tailgate Cornhole uses a much simpler method to control the speed and angle by drawing a line on screen. It’s fun, simple and ADDICTIVE!

Tailgate Cornhole lets you play against the computer, a friend using the same device, or against others online using Game Center. Leaderboard tracking ranks you against the rest of the world to judge who the “king of cornhole” really is.

Using in-app purchase, you can unlock the ability to create custom boards and bags. Create a set for your favorite sports team, club, or company by using the built in color selector and with online image search, you can easily add your favorite pictures to the design. 9 different cornhole design are pre-made for you to choose from.

-Simple and precise control of tosses
-Retina Graphics (on compatible devices)
-Universal App
-Game Center multiplayer (iPhone) and leader boards
-Bag physics
-Multiple scenes to play in (5 total)
-Custom bag colors (in-app purchase)
-Custom board colors (in-app purchase)

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ACRONYM! – When you need something to do while waiting for your turn in those “turn-based” word games…

ACRONYM! is an online multiplayer word game where players join a room with up to 9 other players. Players are given a random acronym and compete by creating logical or humorous meanings. After time expires, each player votes anonymously for their favorite meaning (but not their own).

For example, the game might give you the acronym “TGR” to which you could submit, “This Game Rocks”, or for “ILA” you could submit “I Love ACRONYM”. The possibilities are endless, and only your creativity will win over the votes of the other players in the room. Do you have the vocabulary and quick wit to succeed? Download ACRONYM and put your humorous use of the english language to the test!

-Play instantly against players over the internet
-Play as little or long as you want; points tally over time
-Quick play matches you up with players automatically
-Real time game play; no waiting for turns
-Retina display graphics
-Game Center integration (Achievements and Leaderboards)

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We've got history

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  • start

    Where it all started

    In 2011, Ryan Eade had already designed, developed and published 7 mobile apps.  As a mobile app developer, there were many opportunities for client work, and to meet this need, Ryan started Re:Creative Studios. The company was created as a brand that would publish all of Ryan’s apps, as well as a company that could develop apps to meet the needs of other companies.

  • rcs_dash

    Growing and Growing

    In 2012, RCS had released several new apps both internally (Tailgate Cornhole) and externally for clients. Our client base expanded as we took on 4 new clients in the college sports publication industry, and started a large project for Michelin Aircraft Tire. Near the end of 2012, Kevin Craig joined RCS as a contractor to help with the additional volume of app development.

  • 3d

    The 3rd Dimension

    In 2013, RCS expanded its app development into 3D games.  We launched our first full 3D game, Ultimate Cornhole 3D, the third app in our tailgate games franchise.  The game was released on both iOS and Android, and was well received.


    We completed our first large scale enterprise application for Michelin Aircraft Tire in 2013. This app was released for iOS and Android and contained several offline databases of data to empower its users.

  • 2014

    Looking Forward

    In 2014, Kevin Joined RCS as a partner, and we released Beaver Run and Cellular Rescue. We developed a custom survey app for Mobil1 to use at racing events, and are working with several other clients on new projects. What can we build for you?

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