Cellular Rescue Germ Warfare

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Challenge yourself in this free game to fight for a healthy cellular structure are you fast enough to battle the spread of infected cells. Tap your way to success and glory in this music based thriller. Accuracy is imperative, destroy to many healthy cells and you will find yourself on the loosing end of the battle. Heart Pumping, exciting, action filled game play. Forget the Flappy Birds and attack those horrible infected cells and rescue the healthy ones.

How To Play:
Tap the cells to destroy
– Infected Cells (Green) are your enemy, their sole purpose is to destroy your healthy cells.
– The Helper Cells (Blue) are your soldiers, they will attack the infected but are also able to heal a dying healthy cell. Be careful though The Infected can convert your soldiers.
– Healthy Cells (Red) protect them at all costs. They are what keep you alive. They are attacked by the Infected and can be healed by the helper cells.

It is an endless battle for your health, are you strong enough?

The Cells react to the beat and frequency of the music to create one of the musically interactive games available.

Do you have what it takes to be number one?

Three power ups are available to help you in your battle for your health.

– Destroy All Infected Cells
– Change half infected Cells to healthy
– Spawn Helper Cells

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