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Ryan Eade

I started coding at the age of 12 in QBasic, tinkered with embedded microcontrollers during highschool, and designed & developed websites for every local band I could support.  During college I majored in Technology with a concentration on Graphic Communications at North Carolina State University.  I did my senior study on Web Usability and wrote a research paper on the upcoming technologies that would make the web a better place for interactive content.

While working in corporate IT, I decided that I needed a creative outlet that fueled my desire for tinkering.  I got involved in the mobile app development space when a friend of mine urged me to pick up an iPhone and start messing around with the iPhone Development Kit.  My first app was a Tic Tac Ultimate, a simple spin on Tic Tac Toe that let players play against the clock for points in multi-level boards.  I followed that up with Tailgate Games, which has been one of my most popular franchises on the app store.  Fast forward 5 years, and nearly 2 dozen apps later, and I still love it!

My wife says I get too focused on the details at times, and she is right.  I’m often too much of a perfectionist, but in mobile apps, that can be a benefit.  Users expect apps to be polished, easy to use, and free of bugs.  To accomplish this level of polish takes a good dose of perfectionism.  Not every app we’ve launched is an instant hit, but it’s well thought out, tested and easy to use.

His Superpowers

Mobile Development90% Complete
Back-End Integration85% Complete
UI/UX Design75% Complete

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