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  • start

    Where it all started

    In 2011, Ryan Eade had already designed, developed and published 7 mobile apps.  As a mobile app developer, there were many opportunities for client work, and to meet this need, Ryan started Re:Creative Studios. The company was created as a brand that would publish all of Ryan’s apps, as well as a company that could develop apps to meet the needs of other companies.

  • rcs_dash

    Growing and Growing

    In 2012, RCS had released several new apps both internally (Tailgate Cornhole) and externally for clients. Our client base expanded as we took on 4 new clients in the college sports publication industry, and started a large project for Michelin Aircraft Tire. Near the end of 2012, Kevin Craig joined RCS as a contractor to help with the additional volume of app development.

  • 3d

    The 3rd Dimension

    In 2013, RCS expanded its app development into 3D games.  We launched our first full 3D game, Ultimate Cornhole 3D, the third app in our tailgate games franchise.  The game was released on both iOS and Android, and was well received.


    We completed our first large scale enterprise application for Michelin Aircraft Tire in 2013. This app was released for iOS and Android and contained several offline databases of data to empower its users.

  • 2014

    Looking Forward

    In 2014, Kevin Joined RCS as a partner, and we released Beaver Run and Cellular Rescue. We developed a custom survey app for Mobil1 to use at racing events, and are working with several other clients on new projects. What can we build for you?